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Stelios - private server



We introduce you new private metin2 server - Stelios
This presentation serves only to present our new systems, not as Wikipedia

Server will be international with support of all 8 languages it provides

Server is inspired by successfull project ItsGaia

Server type: New school
Max level: 210
EXP rate: 300%
4 default characters: no Lycan
50% PvE / 50% PvP



- Standard concept as you can expect

- New battlepass every 2 weeks

- Consists of 10 simple tasks

- Special reward for every single task

- Exclusive new rewards every month

- Battlepass mainly contains: Hairstyle, Costume, Weapon costume,
Special animation and Sash

bp image


- Brand new shopping system

- Thanks to marketplace, there will no more offline shops,
so there won`t lags in towns anymore

- Marketplace allows you to sell and buy items whenever and wherever you want

marketplace image


- There is around 60 titles -> Neutral, PvE and PvP
- To gain a title, you have to complete an appropriate task
- Every title adds a unique bonus to your character
- Once you complete the task, you can equip the title whenever you want

Neutral Titles

tituly image

PvE Titles

tituly image

PvP Titles

tituly image

Pet system

- There are 2 types of pets -> PvE & PvP

- You can get a pet either in Itemhop or you can drop them
in appropriate dungeons in game

- You can exp your pet up to level 150

- Pet gains experience by killing monsters
appropriate to your character`s level or by using EXP bottles,
which can be purchased in Itemshop

pet system image

Mount system

- There are 3 types of mounts
First ones you can tame at Stable boy in first towns
second ones you can buy in Itemshop
third ones you can craft with special items, which drop in high lvl dungeons
(Melley, Owl dungeon and Underwater dungeon)

- You can lvl up your mounts with Animal potions,
which drop in Mushroom dungeon or in Marathon

- You can also change the look of your mount as many times as you want

mount system image

Soul system

- You can imagine soul system as some kind of skill tree

- This tree has 5 branches -> Warrior, Sura, Ninja, Shaman and PvE

- In each branch, there is 10 perks, that you can purhase

- Each perk adds a special bonus to your character

- You can unequip the perks whenever you want and trade them with other players

soul system image soul system image

Skill colors

- You can change the color of your abilities

- There is no limit, so you can change the color as many times as you want,
but it can get expensive.

skill colors image


- There are 2 types of glows PvE & PvP

- Glows can be purchased in Itemshop or at ingame NPC called Karmen

- You can refine your glows up to +20

glows image


- There is a special item called Legendary glue
(drops in Demon Tower II)

- This item allows you to stick a weapon costume to your weapon
Your weapon will have a look of the sticked costume and absorbs it's bonuses

- This method will allow you to equip another weapon costume, so you can
basically double your bonuses

transmutation image transmutation image transmutation image transmutation image transmutation image


- There is a lot of new animations

- You can get them either in Itemshop or from Battlepass

- Once you use them, they will attach to your character

- Don`t forget to use the sounds !
Some animations have special sound effects


- There are 2 types of belts -> PvE & PvP

- You can get them either in Itemshop or in Demon dungeon

- You can upgrade each belt 5 times,
every upgrade will add a new special bonus to your belt

- You can switch belt bonuses with "Enchant belt"

PvE Belt

belt image

belt image

PvP Belt

belt image

belt image


- Talismans are very unique and you can get them only in game
with 1% drop rate in Azrael & Nemere dungeon

- You can upgrade your talisman 3 times at levels -> 125, 175 and 210
Each upgrade will add a new special bonus to your talisman

- You can switch talisman bonuses with "Enchant talisman"

talisman image transmutation image talisman image transmutation image talisman image transmutation image talisman image
talisman image

Sash system

- You can get a sash from Infected Garden dungeon
or a special animated wings from battlepass

- You can refine your sash up to +20

- Each sash has 2 default bonuses -> Average damage and Skill damage
Those can be switched with "Enchant sash"

sash image


- There is a special passive skill, called Herbarium
This skill can be improved by collecting herbs

- Each 10 levels will unlock you a new garden,
where are new special herbs

- You can use the herbs to craft special elixirs via. Wikipedia

herb image


- There is 13 dungeons in total

- There is unique drop in each dungeon via. Wikipedia

- There is no time limit on dungeons
so you can spam them as much as you want

dung image


- There are several events every day
so you don`t have to feel upset of missing some

- Events are automatic, so they will proceed every day as planned

- On our community discord server you can join a event reminder channel,
which will alert you everytime event starts

event image

Discord bot

- On our community discord server you can find our custom Stelios bot

- If you encounter any problem, like ingame bug or any player harassing you
and you don't want to talk about your problems in global chat, you can simply
type !ticket and it will create a private room, where only you and Admin team will have access

- In #choose-channels you can pick all channels you
want to be part of. Just like above-mentioned event reminder

- Bot also provides you with functions like bio reminder
which allows you to set your own timer and then it will alert you
on discord, so you dont have to be online ingame


conc pic

Thanks everyone for viewing our presentation

We hope, that you will like the server and help us maintain it as a community

If you have any further questions including new systems or server in general,
please do not hesitate to ask through our community discord server,
where we will provide 24/7 support

conc pic